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The company included an integrated engineering team with efficiency and international expertise specialized in study and implement the private and governmental management projects to execute major projects in the KSA that reflected the development and urban development recently.

Construction and General Contracting

We believe that construction is not just an engineering work on a specific basis, but also a vision of a comprehensive future. Therefore, professional consultants in the field of engineering, construction and architecture are appointed to study technical studies by studying the idea.

Construction and Privet Projects

This field distinguish us by integrated care to our customers through providing and executing of all engineering and technical consultancy in a high quality in each of residential projects, commercial, hotels, hospitals, private schools.


It’s Is a part of the company’s vital activities. Our teamwork provides with co-specialized experts from major equipment and raw materials factories the following services.

Communication Towers

The company believes in keeping up of technological development, the company attracted a highly experienced and efficiency international team in the execution, maintenance and of communication towers.




Normal Worker


Skillful Worker


Project Manager
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